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About City Tap

For us, craft is everything. “Craft” is most often defined as doing things by hand. For us, craft is complex, innovative beers. Craft is food that inspires and surprises the palate. Craft is service that delights and exceeds expectations. Most importantly, craft means championing love and integrity in every aspect of what we do.

Craft beer, for some time, was an exclusive culture; it existed in the basements of homebrewers, on niche blogs, and in obscure, tucked away bars. For outsiders, craft beer can be intimidating. In fact, we’re still learning. After all, it’s a big brewhouse out there. City Tap believes that craft beer should be accessible to everyone. In Philadelphia 2010, we saw an opportunity to bring craft beer to the people. With a wide, open bar, a huge selection of taps, an extremely readable draft list, and regional (dare we say exceptional) cuisine, our sudsy dream became a reality.

Have a Beer

From India Pale to Berliner Weisse, Fruited Wheats to Barrel-Aged Stouts, the world of craft beer is rich with variety and innovation. With so much beer to try, entering this world can feel overwhelming. Throw in jargon like “hoppy-ness,” “cask-conditioned,” and “brettanomyces” — it’s easy to drown in the vocabulary of craft beer alone! But that’s why we’re here: to make craft beer accessible to all. Here’s how we do that.

First and foremost, we pride ourselves on organization. Crafting a beer list with dozens of choices shouldn’t be intimidating. Every beer is categorized by style and given a detailed flavor description so you know exactly what you’re drinking. We also provide you with the beer’s brewery of origin and proper pour size. Of course, if you have a question or need a recommendation, our knowledgeable staff can assist you. Ask questions. Try some beer. Enjoy yourself.

Our Food Philosophy

In our kitchen, craft comes first. Like beer slowly fermenting in a tank, our food is prepared with equal parts precision and patience. 

Our cajun styled spicy Shrimp and Grits, and spicy-sweet Ten-Spice Wings, are only a taste of what City Tap House offers. From brick-oven pizzas, to mouth-watering burgers — no matter what kind of diner you are, casual or adventurous, we guarantee we will satisfy your appetite.

Above all, our goal is to see our food sit side by side with the craft beer we adore, letting food and beer elevate each other.